Computer Program


Later in 1945, the term ‘laptop’ was launched as ‘programmable digital electronic laptop, which is now referred to as a ‘laptop’. In digital world, from a small wrist watch to house satellite all are controlled by pc.

A small or large machine was handled by humans in past, however in digitalized world these are handled by programmed humans i.e. ‘Robots’. In 1640s, Computer term was first used as “one who calculates.” From 1897, time period changed and obtained a brand new pc meaning “Calculating machine“. From 1945 the time period signifies as “programmable digital electronic laptop“. In a working computer network, nodes observe a set of rules or protocols that define how to send and receive electronic information by way of the hyperlinks. The laptop community architecture defines the design of those bodily and logical parts. It supplies the specifications for the community’s bodily parts, useful organization, protocols, and procedures. Nodes and links are the fundamental building blocks in computer networking.

A community node could also be information communication tools similar to a modem, hub or, switch, or data terminal equipment such as two or more computer systems and printers. Links could also be physical, like cable wires or optical fibers, or free area used by wireless networks.

The Graphics Processing Unit is used as a co-processor to enhance the performance of the Central Processing Unit in engineering and scientific computing. It offloads some of the time-consuming components of program codes, to enhance the efficiency of the CPU. The Graphics Processing Unit boosts the CPU efficiency by providing a parallel processing facility. A GPU may include tons of of cores, whereas a CPU accommodates a most of eight cores. The extremely programmable characteristic of graphics chips led to the invention of the Graphics Processing Unit.


The computer case itself can be constructed from any material that also permits the interior units to be supported. This is usually metal, plastic, or aluminum however may as an alternative be wood, glass, or styrofoam. The time period ‘Computer’ was first launched in 1640 and known as ‘one who calculates’. It was derived from the Latin word ‘computare’, which meant ‘to calculate’.