Electronic Definition & That Means


Derivative of UK Garage combining influences from the rhythms of late Nineteen Nineties and early 2000s 2-Step with novel moods and production approaches, commonly that includes jittery, damaged rhythms, vocal chops, and heat synth pads and plucks. Shuffling rhythms and influences from sources including Contemporary R&B and Hip Hop, in addition to many types of Electronic. Broad type of Electronic Dance Music characterised by outstanding bass/sub-basses, a deep, darkish, airy, and mechanical sound derived from Dubstep, and eclectic manufacturing influenced by UK Funky, Juke/Footwork, Techno, and Breakbeat. Emerged within the early 2000s, featuring a gradual tempo vary and clear production.

Appropriates the tough parts of Punk Rock however replaces the predominance of guitars with synthesizers and drum machines. Moog-led Electronic music often associated with a wave of Novelty information in the 1960s and Nineteen Seventies. Samples and synthesizes Mexican kinds like Banda sinaloense and Norteño right into a sound associated to IDM and House.

Emulates classic aesthetics and well-liked musical types of the Nineteen Eighties/Nineties altered by trendy recording know-how to create a hazy dreamlike environment. Combines eerie and haunting synth pads and sharp, abrasive sounds to create atmospheres that accentuated the darkish, unnerving, violent, or ghostly themes of horror films. Incorporation of IDM-derived production into drum patterns inspired by Hip Hop beats. Originated in japanese North America around the flip of the 21st century, combining developments of Synth Funk and Italo-Disco. Combines sound design techniques from IDM and Glitch with acoustic instrumentation inspired by Contemporary Folk. Intense wandering soundscapes, scattered fast short-duration sounds, complicated avant-garde buildings, and, normally, layered acousmatic decomposition and influences from Speedcore, IDM, and Breakcore.


Features densely-layered sound design, fast-paced minimize-up sections, aggressive stabs, and common crossover with Brostep and Fidget House. Development of purse / Diva House characterized by heavier, exhausting hitting percussion, more pronounced rave and early Hard Dance parts, and fewer vocals. Umbrella term for a broad variety of House that originated from Chicago within the (mostly mid-to-late) 1980s and early 90s. Very energetic, festival-focused EDM genre characterised by heavily reverberated sound, trance-impressed anthemic breakdowns, intense build-ups, 4-on-the-flooring beat centered on a robust kick and simple, minimalistic, drop melodies. Busy, punchy percussion, prominent basslines and dirty, distorted synths resembling other bass music genres, with influences together with Brostep, Fidget House, Bassline, Speed Garage, and Tech House. Emerged by fusing Deep House with Southern African Music, characterised by hypnotizing drum patterns of shakers and congas, typically sampled African vocals or soulful original features, and religious, organic, melodic atmosphere.

South African genre with very quick BPM featuring MIDI keyboard sounds and marimba. Emerging largely from Dutch House and Big Room House, incorporates Tribal House-influenced percussion, hard kicks, and animal sounds leading to a wild, jungle-resembling environment in a competition EDM-oriented context. Lighter and more relaxed sound, getting down to create summery or seashore-like atmospheres.