The damage and loss of community livelihoods due to landslides can lead to a decrease in and even loss of neighborhood revenue, which may take years to return to regular . The estimation outcomes of the PLS mannequin with a dummy for the city village, as shown in Table 9, can be written utilizing Equation . Furthermore, Figure 7 exhibits that the susceptibility to drought in Batu City through the statement period of 2015 to 2020 exhibited a lowering development. However, in 2016 and 2020, the drought susceptibility index elevated. Figure three reveals that the flood susceptibility pattern in Batu City in the course of the statement interval decreased, although it was nonetheless above zero.8 for the index range. the place the values of RLPkk,LLPkk,LPPi,Li,Lkk, and RPPkk are obtained from subject observations and interviews with farmers in native villages.


Yet in the course of the pandemic, medical waste has been present in landfills across Indonesia, similar to Cipeucang landfill in Tangerang, Banten; Bantar Gebang and Sumur Batu landfill in Bekasi, West Java; and Surabaya, East Java. Some of the untreated medical waste would finally end up in Jakarta Bay. Medical waste from well being services and households have created new problems.

More than 7,000 tons of waste from Jakarta could be dumped on a daily basis. However when Mongabay visited the landfill, there was no checkpoint to look at the load. Most of the vehicles would go directly to the dumping zones–there have been 5 dumping zones in Bantar Gebang. A dumping operator at Bantar Gebang landfill, Ahmad Rospeli admitted that during the pandemic, he discovered medical waste mixed with other types of waste inside vehicles. But he claimed that the operators would refuse to simply accept medical waste to be dumped inside Bantar Gebang. “Because there are numerous people who acquire the garbage at landfills. It’s dangerous.”

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Before the government finds the solution to deal with medical waste, many individuals across the landfills–together with Suranto–will danger their lives whereas COVID-19 cases proceed to rise. Rospeli admitted that the operational price of incinerator is excessive and that the landfill operators could not afford it. It only has an incinerator with the capability of a hundred tons per day that hardly ever operates. With the quantity of waste that enters Bantar Gebang everyday, they want no less than 70 incinerators that operate 24/7 to get rid of the waste. With that stated, 1000’s of scavengers that flocked the landfill have essential roles in bringing the garbage from the landfill to the recycling firms, something that the operators didn’t do. Bantar Gebang is claimed to be the largest landfill on the planet established in 1986.