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technology instantOur findings correspond with the UTAUT model and provide a sensible reference for academic institutions and decision-makers involved in designing m-studying for implementation in universities. Technological advances have pushed big change in instructional practices although considerations exist a couple of lack of evidence informing this change, specifically with social media-based mostly medical education actions. The function of this examine was to conduct a scoping evaluation of WhatsApp use in medical schooling, narratively describing how it has been used and evaluated, and the theoretical concerns in relevant articles. The use of cell telephones whereas driving has caused tons of accidents, yet so many proceed to do it everyday.

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These conditions are guaranteed by the DIC course of. In reality, the functions of glass transition in food know-how have been reviewed in many papers [28, 29]. Several research have reported glass transitions and state diagrams for foods, such as fruits [30–32], greens [33, 34], and meat merchandise [35, 36]. Glass transition is an important element to grasp and to foretell the conduct of foods throughout processing and storage [29, 37]. The glass transition phenomenon is a reversible state transition of amorphous substances occurring when a glassy state material is changed into a supercooled soften during heating or, conversely, to the reverse transformations during cooling below its glass transition temperature (T g ) at a extra speedy rate than the rate of crystallization [38].

However, there’s little research to guide educators on how to set up effective peer tutoring groups on social media platforms, notably between tutors and tutees who hardly ever meet face-to-face. In the context of a WhatsApp arithmetic tutoring venture, we current proof-primarily based principles to guide the institution and operation of peer tutoring groups on a social media platform. The improvement of the principles followed a design-primarily based analysis framework, primarily based on theories about peer learning, participation obstacles to social media use in a low socio-financial setting, and enter from members, who have been highschool college students and college students in Cape Town, South Africa. The refined principles present steering for others in comparable settings who aim to use tutoring teams on a social media platform to achieve training targets.

The analysis findings confirmed that the PBL follow considerably improved EFL students’ CT disposition generally, in Independent Inquiry step, and relating to all CT subscales. The research additionally revealed that the PBL apply eradicated important gender difference in Group Negotiation, though there appeared a major gender distinction in Hypothesis Proposition after the PBL practice.

The saturated steam, through the compression step, heats the product and will enhance slightly the product humidity. Due to the instant strain drop, an abrupt auto evaporation of water cools the product and permits the crossing of the glass transition frontier [27]. It was reported that construction collapse, stickiness, and agglomeration are never noticed in the temperature/water content material area under glass transition.

DIC swell drying is the principal utility of this expertise. It is another technique used to enhance standard hot air drying and to beat the shrinkage problems. Expanding and texturing the raw materials by the DIC course of, earlier than the ultimate sizzling air drying step, result in intensifying the drying kinetics and, in consequence, saving drying time and energy in comparison with conventional methods. In addition, DIC technology could be defined as a highly acceptable HTST sort course of that may be applied to powder and dry solids.

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A wide selection of meals and pharmaceutical products have been effectively treated by DIC expertise at each laboratory and industrial scales. Based on immediate controlled strain drop (DIC) technology, several industrial tasks had been realized in several sectors of food and pharmaceutical industries [15]. This course of is utilized to decontamination, extraction, and texturation of many materials.

ohbiel, U. (201 6). Mobile and ubiquitous learning in higher schooling settings. A systematic review of empirical studies.

Another benefit for the DIC know-how over the standard drying methods is expounded to the glass transition phenomenon, which has a vital position to manage the standard of the top-products. Angella and others suggested that the standard of dried foods could possibly be ameliorated by keeping the product temperature near the glass transition temperature range to avoid structural damages and different high quality changes throughout dehydration [27]; nevertheless, this point has obtained little attention in the literature. Previous research have shown numerous functions of applied sciences to facilitate language studying, and constructive adoption of flipped instruction over typical approaches. They have affirmed the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as a dominant mannequin in exploring the perceptions of learners about technological acceptance.