Important Computer Hardware to Know

Knowledge of the hardware features of this PC means that we know that we can use a PC properly and correctly. Then, what are the hardware features of the pc, huh? Hard features are anything we can touch and observe. To find out more about what are the hardware features of a PC, friends can listen to the discussion below, really. Lets follow! Examples of Computer Hardware Features

1. Keyboards

The keyboard or keyboard means that we have with other hardware features. Without a keyboard, we cannot use the PC properly. This is because, the keyboard’s function is to enter information, type, and carry out the ordered process. The keyboard itself consists of various keys such as letters, numbers, and symbols. From the combination of these buttons, friends can make shortcuts so that our work continues to be lightning fast.

2. Monitors

Of course, the monitor is also important because of its use as a screen for displaying photos or programs that we are processing. The monitor can present various programs that we open and display them visually. So, we can see it through the screen which is currently made more up-to-date and modern.

3. Mouse

The mouse or mouse is also a mandatory feature on a PC. With a mouse, it’s easier for us to adjust the cursor on the monitor. That way, we can use the mouse to carry out commands, such as opening files, sorting files, and closing or opening a program. The mouse itself consists of 3 buttons, namely the right button, left button, and the scroll button to scroll the display on the screen.

4.Central Processing Unit

The Central Processing Unit or CPU is known as the brain of the PC. This is because the entire working system of a PC is done by the CPU. The CPU is responsible for interpreting commands and carrying out commands given by the PC user (user). Without a CPU, the PC cannot turn on and cannot be used for its intended purpose.

5. Printers

The printer’s role is to print text and photos stored on the PC. With the existence of a printer, we can change a file that was originally digital into a physical form. When using a printer, we need printer paper and ink. Not only that, the printer must also be maintained regularly so that it lasts longer.

6. Speakers

This speaker is a hard PC feature that can produce sound. Although without this equipment the PC can produce sound, speakers can produce louder and better sound.

7. Hard Disks

What are hard disks? A hard disk is a hard disk that is used to store all data and a PC operating system. This hard disk is embedded in a PC and is in the form of a dark disc that rotates quickly, so that it can store all the information.

8. USB Flash Drives

General Serial Bus or USB flash drives are also storage devices that we can carry anywhere. Its small size and can accommodate many files, definitely useful for us. How to use it, we just need to plug it in the socket provided by the CPU and later this storage will be displayed on the computer screen. USB flash drives themselves are available with a variety of storage dimensions. Friends can sort the size according to needs.

So, those are various examples of PC hardware features, from keyboards to USB flash drive storage.