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In an analogous method, oil holding capacity (OHC) of some DIC treated foods was studied. This issue is very important in meals formulation. Setyopratomo and others noticed that oil holding capability of DIC textured cassava flour increased in comparison with standard hot air dried flour. It was about versus only 0.4 g oil/g dry cassava for DIC handled and hot air dried samples, respectively.

In addition, natural contamination of raw onions has been eradicated. A decontamination of 1.7–three.9, depending on the operation situations, was obtained [41]. The DIC and hot air drying process with regard to the glass transition curve. Here, W0 is the preliminary product humidity, WD is the humidity at the finish of hot air drying step (20–30% dry foundation), WE is the humidity at the end of compression by saturated steam step, WF is the final dried product humidity, T0 is the initial product temperature, TB is the hot air drying temperature, TE is the DIC processing temperature depending on the processing pressure, and TF is the product temperature at the finish of the DIC process (normally about 32°C).

Furthermore, the DIC process has been used to boost or help the conventional edible oil extraction from varied vegetal supplies [17]. Multi-DIC cycles allow the extraction of essential oils of aromatic crops with low energy and low water consumption. The structure expansion by DIC will increase the porosity and the specific surface space of the treated crops and improves, as a … Read More