Top 5 cities of Norway that should be on your bucket list!

If you are planning to travel to Norway or if you have finally reached there, then you might be wondering what to explore and where to go. Well, the thing is, Norway is actually quite a great place offering hundreds of awesome places one can go to. The beauty, infrastructure, food, people, and almost every other thing would make you feel special, and that is what makes Norway a go-to place for many people from all over the world. But if we specifically talk about the cities of Norway, there are a few that should definitely be on your bucket list. If you don’t know which ones are those, let me help you out!

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· The 5 cities you should not miss while visiting Norway!

Let’s get started with our list and see which cities you should visit on your trip to Norway!

· Tonsberg

Tonsberg is the perfect city for anyone who is interested in the history of Norway, even a little bit. It is basically quite a small town with a low population, but it is one of the oldest towns in the country. It features many old buildings, Viking crafting, Viking graves, and even a few museums that will make your experience even better.

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· Lillehammer

If you are visiting Norway in the winters, then you should definitely not miss Lillehammer because of its winter sports. Lillehammer is not only popular for its sports, but the cool and calm environment too. You can visit restaurants, go hiking, ski, snowboard, and do much more without any hassles.

· Bodo

Have you ever really wondered how cool it would be to live beside the mountains covered in snow and greenery? If yes, then Bodo can offer you a similar experience as it is a very small town having massive transport via the port. It is located between several mountains, and that is what makes it unique.

· Kristiansand

If you are looking forward to the perfect ambiance for your travel experience, then Kristiansand might be the perfect place for you. It offers a marina too to enjoy right in the city. Besides that, the city is quite packed too in terms of businesses. You can shop, enjoy food, and do much more right in the city.

· Oslo

The list would definitely be incomplete without including Oslo in it. As the main hub of almost everything in Norway, Oslo is the place that could offer you all! It is filled with many museums, galleries, and premium infrastructure making it one of the best cities in the world for tourists.


These are the five cities you should never miss if you are planning to visit Norway. Make sure that you manage your time in the right manner to roam around freely without worrying about anything unnecessary.