Why do couples visit Amsterdam?

People often think that Paris is the most visited city by couples. While that city has the Eiffel tower and croissants, Amsterdam has alternatives for couples looking for a different experience. Spaces like the Moco Museum are designed not only to show a revolutionary artistic perspective but to make it easier for couples to treasure moments in places like their private garden. This museum is in one of the most famous squares in the world for being surrounded by the best-known museums. The Amsterdam Museumplein also has green spaces that couples can use to spend a pleasant afternoon, have a conversation, or have a bite to eat. But you don’t plan to travel by plane to sit in a square. You want to discover unique places that you can enjoy with your partner.

Something for everyone

Both you and your partner have tastes that you may not share. For example, maybe you want to try the beers from the different distilleries in Amsterdam, while your partner prefers to delight in the typical foods of this city. No matter what, this city is full of unique and original places. Do you like tulips? The “Zaance Schans” museum is the perfect place to find them. Want to try new cocktails? The “House of Bols” has over 50 different combinations to discover. Do you like diamonds? In Amsterdam, you will get the best Diamond Museum in the world. Do you like obstacle courses? The Colonel Adventure Indoor Klimpark will test your physical skills to overcome obstacles in trials with different intensities. Get your cell phone camera ready to take lots of photos and videos and treasure great moments with your partner.

Together or apart?

Amsterdam has so many places to visit that it can be difficult for a couple to agree on the places to visit. At the beginning, the couple can visit the places they both want to visit. After that, the couple can discover the city separately. Doing this allows you to explore more places during the same trip. It is a mistake to think that when a couple travels together on vacation, they must stay together all the time. However, it is a good practice to keep in communication at all times, using the GPS location of cell phones if possible. Ideally, they should visit places that are in the same area and establish a meeting point at a certain time. Remember that technology can be a powerful tool for keeping in touch when you’re on vacation.