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technology instantUnder delicate working circumstances, the foaming ability of egg white powders dried by the DIC swell drying method was higher than these of the other strategies. The foam quantity of DIC-treated egg white powders increased by 28 and 188% in comparison with sizzling air and freeze-dried samples, respectively [sixty nine]. In addition, the expansion ratio of DIC swell dried greens, similar to carrots, onions, and potatoes, was about 200–300% in comparison with control samples [sixty three, sixty five]. The expansion phenomenon leads to rising the particular floor area, which was two times greater for swell dried apples compared to hot air dried samples [forty].

In addition, natural contamination of raw onions has been eradicated. A decontamination of 1.7–3.9, depending on the operation situations, was obtained [forty one]. The DIC and sizzling air drying course of with regard to the glass transition curve. Here, W0 is the initial product humidity, WD is the humidity on the finish of hot air drying step (20–30% dry basis), WE is the humidity at the finish of compression by saturated steam step, WF is the final dried product humidity, T0 is the initial product temperature, TB is the hot air drying temperature, TE is the DIC processing temperature depending on the processing pressure, and TF is the product temperature on the finish of the DIC process (usually about 32°C).

High temperature and lengthy heating instances result in essential degradation of nutritional vitamins and bioactive molecules [60]. The nutritive values of DIC-treated products were evaluated [43, 61]. Thanks to its effective heating and fast cooling, DIC-dried products are characterized by higher content and availability of bioactive compounds.

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These results are in agreement with those of others studies [forty three, 61]. It was discovered that freeze-dried Moroccan inexperienced pepper and strawberry had a better rehydration capability (i.e., beginning accessibility and effective diffusivity) compared with standard sizzling air dried and DIC swell dried samples. However, the freeze-dried samples have a low water holding capacity (WHC) compared to DIC swell dried samples.

Furthermore, the DIC process has been used to reinforce or assist the traditional edible oil extraction from varied vegetal materials [17]. Multi-DIC cycles permit the extraction of important oils of aromatic crops with low energy and low water consumption. The construction expansion by DIC will increase the porosity and the specific surface space of the treated vegetation and improves, as a result, the solvent extraction.

The outcomes confirmed that freeze dried powders exhibit the best oil retention capability in comparison with DIC swell and sizzling air dried powders. Under optimized operating circumstances for DIC swell drying had an intermediate worth of oil holding capability of 1.5 ml oil/g powder between freeze dried (2.2 ml oil/g powder) and scorching-air dried powders (zero.91 ml oil/g powder). In the identical examine, the emulsifying capacity (EC) of egg yolk was investigated. DIC textured egg yolk had high EC (sixty six g oil/g dry basis), compared to 57 and fifty six g oil/g dry basis for freeze-dried and standard sizzling air dried egg yolk, respectively. This could be due to the publicity of hydrophobic groups of unfold proteins.

Several DIC reactors at laboratory and industrial scales are proposed by the ABCAR-DIC course of. Thanks to its flexibility, the different working parameters within the DIC course of may be optimized to be able to meet the economic needs. According to the product to be treated and the target temperature, completely different heating fluids can be utilized, such as superheated or saturated steam for high temperature remedies.

The coupled thermomechanical influence leads to high decontamination of microorganisms. The DIC course of may be very effective for a wide variety of warmth sensitive materials. DIC treated merchandise are well characterized by preserved nutritive values, attractive sensorial properties, and ameliorated practical habits. DIC expertise is developed and marketed since 2001 at pilot and industrial scales by the ABCAR-DIC Process company for different sectors.