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technology instantThis preliminary and relatively fast step is defined by the term of the preliminary accessibility [24] expressed in gH 2 O/100 g dry basis, which would point out the quantity of water faraway from the floor earlier than starting the second inner diffusion drying section. The second step consists of conductive warmth switch, coupled with moisture switch due to capillary forces and inner diffusion of liquid and vapor inside the product [20].

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The present research was intended to analyze the feasibility of Mobile-Assisted Language Assessment as well as the learners’ attitudes to such phenomenon. This was achieved with the usage of digital portfolios and a social networking software (WhatsApp) on good cell phones. Seventeen advanced-level learners of English doing an FCE preparation course participated on this study. Every session one participant volunteered to report a two-minute speech on the second activity of the FCE talking module and shared her recording on the WhatsApp group consisting of all class members as well as the instructor.

However, airflow drying undergoes basic problems similar to low operation efficiency and poor finish-product quality. The drying time is comparatively long, which suggests essential vitality consumption. The poor quality of the historically dried product is said principally to the thermal degradation and particularly to the compactness of texture on the end stages of the drying course of [22]. Social media platforms corresponding to WhatsApp are increasingly utilized in formal education settings.

The saturated steam, during the compression step, heats the product and will enhance slightly the product humidity. Due to the instant pressure drop, an abrupt auto evaporation of water cools the product and allows the crossing of the glass transition frontier [27]. It was reported that structure collapse, stickiness, and agglomeration are never noticed within the temperature/water content area beneath glass transition.

Several studies have been carried out to boost shade, aroma content material, and texture high quality of a number of food merchandise using DIC technology [63]. The outcomes proved the top quality of swell dried carrots, potatoes, green beans, and tomatoes for example. Wang and others (2014) reported similar industrial results for green tea, whereby the DIC process intensifies the colour as well as availability of antioxidant dietary molecules [sixty four].

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Furthermore, the DIC course of has been used to enhance or assist the traditional edible oil extraction from various vegetal materials [17]. Multi-DIC cycles enable the extraction of important oils of fragrant crops with low power and low water consumption. The construction expansion by DIC increases the porosity and the specific surface area of the handled plants and improves, in consequence, the solvent extraction.